After months of hemming and hawing about it, here we are folks. We’ve got ourselves a baby blog. Cigars for all my friends! Aw, idden it cute? Well, we shall see. It may look more like your great-granpappy Mortimer right now, but time will tell. It may grow out of those big ears and end up looking like quite the hunk.

My dad often asks the clarifying question: “Do you want affirmation or feedback?” which I think is a great distinction. I want both, doggone it! and heavy on the affirmation! But as I try on this blog thing for size, I would value feedback. Just go easy on me.

The plan is to do one of the things that I love best: read, and then tell you what I thought of what I read, thereby saving you, Dear Reader, time and energy that would have been wasted on reading time-suckers rather than books that are worth it. I know you’re busy. I’m here to help. There may be other things that I experiment with, and I will let you know how that turns out, again, trying to save you, Dear Reader, from making the same mistakes as I have had to muddle through.

I’m sure there will be some books I review that you have already chewed through, but there are bound to be a few you missed. And if you’ve got suggestions, let’s hear ’em!

Time to get out of the virtual world and go read one of those books we’ve been talking about. I’m in a bit of a drought, so it may end up being the back of a box of Toasty O Rings with Colored-Sugar Drizzle, but it will have to do!