Okay, folks, this winter garden is proving to be a tad more complicated than I predicted, particularly because I’m trying to do it on the cheap. My dad had some random pieces of wood, and he was kind enough to slap together a frame for me. And I had a shower curtain lying around that was the wrong size (didn’t even think to check the size when I bought it — never really knew they came in different sizes). But as you can see from the photo it is too small. So now we’re stuck with a covering that doesn’t fit, much like the Dr. Seuss character who can’t get his whole body to fit in his little bed. There’s still quite a bit of work to do, and I have to keep drilling myself to remember to leave a flap that can open in order to access the stuff inside. That’s just the kind of thing that I would forget until after the project was complete, then I’d be stuck cutting a hole with a kiddie scissors or something. Not nearly as neat and professional as what we’ve got going on now! *smirk*

Just wanted to give you a progress report. The fall is cooling down and the air feels different even from two days ago. I’ve got to get this thing done if we’re going to have a fightin’ chance!