Lest you, Dear Reader, think that I forgot or have been neglectful of my garden responsibilities, I wanted to let you know of the developments. I did get the winter garden constructed, and it was all done just before the cold snap we experienced a couple weeks ago. The design is less than fancy, but it works and so far it has been successful. There is a low-watt lightbulb inside, and since the shower curtain was too small, I opted for heavy duty plastic sheets that I bought at a home improvement store. We planted some herbs and the previously thriving lettuce and spinich is doing fairly well. The basil didn’t make it through the first trial, so it must have needed more heat. I will try to keep you informed of any other revelations as they develop!

I must mention here that I have a fairly short attention span, and my garden has lost some of its shine for me these days. There have been enough family distractions that have diverted my energies, so the poor, sad garden has really been left to its own devices. Which makes it all the more impressive that there’s anything left alive! I would say that I resolve to do better, but I just can’t make that claim right now. So we’ll just see how things play out as nature takes its wintery course.