Well, it is official. The so-called buyer who was just waiting to get the financing together will be unable to do so by the official closing date. We’ve been waiting since the end of August for the buyer to get her financing squared away, all the while she’s been living in our house.

This means many things for me and my family. And while I understand that “things are hard all over the world” that is cold comfort when faced with the prospect of going back to square one in a stagnant housing market.

This draws us, Dear Reader, into a complicated conversation about a specific aspect of God. I do not believe a “health and wealth gospel” is a Biblical viewpoint. Buuuuut, it is easy to accidentally hold to a watered down version of it, one that justifies a hope that God will bless me and mine because we follow Him. But I’m look around and I’m not seeing that play out in many of the lives around me, including those who genuinely follow God. So where does this cockamamie idea come from? Elementary school, when all is about fairness and bad stuff only happening to other people? Sports experiences, when many times there is a correlation between energy and time invested and the final outcome (ie. one improves the more one practices the correct things)? Simple business transactions where if I put X amount of money in at such and such rate, the return is a very calculable Y?

I’m going to chew on this a while and get back to you, Dear Reader, but I have a strong feeling that you might have some opinions on the matter. I am curious what your faith heritage taught you about God’s activity in our everyday lives, and the “benefit package” for following Him. Do you think that “prayer of Jabez” idea is Biblical (I know it comes from the Bible, but is it a one time occurence vs. an ongoing Biblical theme)? Why do we expect God to do things our way, and in a timely manner? It is so self-centered, and yet so hard to stop the feeling before it takes place without even realizing it has happened!  I will get back to you with any profound revelations I discover. Chime in with your experience – I’d love to hear it.