Have I had the courage to mention to you that I’ve uploaded a large portion of the story I’ve been working on for the past year?


Did I forget to tell you?

Huh. Are you sure I didn’t tell you?


Well, maybe that’s because the idea of you actually reading it is terrifying, to put it lightly. The thought of having it read by people I might actually run into is enough to give me heart palpitations. But if I’m only writing it for my own entertainment, then why bother to actually write it down at all?

I haven’t contemplated the deeper implications of the creative process and whether it is purely a solitary exercise that is just as valid if done for only oneself. I’m sure there are plenty of souls who have reflected on this at length. I’ll leave the reflecting to them, and you can all thank me for that later.

That being said, I’m going to invite you in to my little world by giving you the link to find my “book” (I use that term loosely). I’ve posted it on this website: www.authonomy.com It’s a place where people can post their books, read other books, and even potentially have an editor at Harper Collins Publishing read their books. I have a feeling there is a certain amount of consistent dedication required to actually move up in the standings, and I just don’t have the free time to be able to cast my net into the waters of other users, hoping to convince them to read, review and put my book on their virtual bookshelves (the way to get the book to a higher ranking).

However, it does feel good to officially (sortof) share with the world (kindof) what I’ve been working on. The whole thing started as one bit that morphed into a much larger bit, and now has a life of its own. Sure, some of the characters are inspired by people I know, and at the beginning they were conglomerations of multiple personalities. But now they are their own people, and they’ve left behind their former confines. So don’t go into it thinking that you will recognize anyone (even yourself) because chances are, any character traits exhibited were merely inspired by a chance happening or small quirk I noticed along the way. Or, if you do recognize something or someone that resembles YOU, just shake it off and try to be flattered that you were such an interesting person that you worked your way into a piece of high art. (*snort*)

Take a look if you have some time on a quiet evening. I think you might enjoy it. Click on the link and then look on the right hand side of the page for “Read the Book” and click on that. I welcome your reactions, but try to find something nice to say before you dive into all the flaws you found, okay? Thanks so much for reading!