It is now officially August, so I thought you might be interested to see how things look now in my garden. Also, you may be interested to know about my rooting powder experiment. If growing things interests you, read on!

Here’s what the homemade climbing trellis looks like:

Even though it is covered in green, the white still shows too much.

The scarlet runner bean has put forth a couple flowers, no beans, and definitely fewer of everything than I was hoping. Upon a longer term inspection of my sunlight situation, I have learned that the morning light starts on the other side of the garden (thus the morning glories have been unhappy) and placing my contraption further to the left would have supplied more light, and then more flowers. That’s alright, I knew it wasn’t going to be a long-term spot. It’s a good thing I started a garden notebook, because I usually forget all the things I think I will remember to do differently the next year.

And now for the status of the cuttings I took this spring. Even though they have been neglected and left out in the rain (apparently I keep forgetting to pull them to a covered spot after trying to let them dry out from the last time I forgot to pull them to a covered spot!), two of the three cuttings are growing roots and one of them is even putting up two shoots already! Check it out!

Please note the sprout in the center. I'm so proud!

I thought it would be fall before I saw any progress, but I have been very restrained and haven’t peeked even once, so maybe leaving them alone was helpful? Wahoo!

And finally, I have an unidentified flower that has finally bloomed. Because I’m an optimist, I left it to grow even though it may be a weed. But it isn’t spreading or prickly, so if it does end up being a weed, it is a well-behaved weed! If you can tell me the name of the flower on the left, my garden will thank you.

This plant is about 12" tall right now.