It was bound to happen. Between the fox, the bald eagle, the dog and general wildlife, one of the chickens was bound to make an appetizer, if not a main course. And yesterday it happened. Somebody took a bite of my chicken.

A big bite.

Like almost her whole left wing is gone.

When viewed as a scientific experiment, it does seem to prove the survival of the fittest theory. The one that got nibbled was the smallest one, who has developed her grown up feathers the slowest and tends to be the last one to get the memo about taking cover in the hostas.

What to do now? We set her apart in her own convalescent quarters, luxurious by comparison. We bought some super glue so we can try to stop up her injury. But I haven’t had the courage to go out there and check on her yet this morning. If she made it through the night, that might mean she’ll recover. Being left alone without other chickens bugging you has got to help with that, so we’ll leave her separate for a while longer. Past that, I don’t know what else to do.

Anyone who has chicken experience, please feel free to chime in with any helpful advice. This certainly accelerates the coop construction plans! More on that project soon. I’m going to go check on Chicken and see how she fared. Wish me luck!