Two People

Two People (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I had my third child, my hair went cuckoo. I had heard the legend of straight hair that turned curly because of pregnancy, but I thought it was one of those super rare occurences. But my hair went from being straight with a little bit of a cowlick (what a word!) in a couple places, to being full blown wavy all over. It has also gotten long-ish, and this has led to various comparisons.

Such as Steven Tyler from Aerosmith.

Such as Eddie Vedder.

Such as Christopher Lloyd playing Doc Brown in Back to the Future.

Such as a male lion.

Such as a late-1980’s Tina Turner.

I wish I could argue with any of these comparisons, but they are all spot on. The funny thing about it is…

I don’t mind.

I am a child of the 1980’s so for me, the bigger, the better. I can’t deny my roots, my foundational years when the pop idols were men with long hair, rockin’ Hair Bands and the female band Heart. Come on, you expect me to flat iron this puff of wonder? You want me to undo what previously would have taken me an hour of work, or the trouble of sleeping with braids all over my head, a rat-tail comb and a cloud of Aqua-Net? Puh-leaze.

In honor of hair kooky-ness, here’s a clip that discusses various hair styles (I can only vouch for the first minute or two). Enjoy.

P.S. If you have wavy hair, feel free to chime in with tips to subdue or tame the beast, but don’t trouble yourself with any flat iron techniques because they will be wasted on me. 🙂