Today I’m happy to welcome Chris Morris as a guest blogger. He’s a busy guy, juggling family and day job while bravely submitting his work to different publications and blogging. He also has a collaborative, positive spirit that comes through in his online interactions. I’m excited about what’s in store for Chris, and I’m honored to have him here today.

Even at 2 am, It’s Not All About Me

by Chris Morris

At 2 am, it’s hard to keep track of how fast you are driving, especially when you are in Podunkville, Nevada. Priorities shift quickly though, when the Podunkville police car suddenly pulls out behind you and starts trailing you. This was my situation ten years ago, on the way to my best friend’s wedding in Carson City, Nevada.

I am not typically paranoid, but I definitely noticed the cop car. Especially after he followed me when I turned left. I nudged my wife awake and explained the situation. “Probably just a coincidence. Turn right up here, and he won’t follow you.” I listened, but the police officer didn’t—he followed me again.

His lights weren’t flashing, but it didn’t matter. I was in freak-out mode. We checked to make sure we had current registration and insurance…and we somehow had no proof of insurance. Panic set in. I didn’t know Nevada laws. What if I ended up with a huge fine, or even in jail? (The ridiculousness of youth; jail for no insurance?)

Photoshopcop (MorgueFile).

Photoshopcop (MorgueFile).

In the hope of alleviating my fears, I turned left again, this time into an alley. Surely the police officer won’t follow me down this road too. Wrong again! He followed me, still no flashing lights though. At this point, I was honestly getting irritated. “He needs to light me up or stop followi…”

My wife interrupted my righteous complaint by pointing and laughing hysterically. I was about to be offended when I saw it. The Podunkville Police Station. At the end of the alley. I had unwittingly driven directly to the station. Of course the police car was following me!

I pulled over, but not because of the police officer. We were both laughing hysterically. How is it even possible that I managed to find the Police Station in a town I have never visited? Why did I let fear corral my heart? Was I really worried about prison?

In that moment, I had a stark realization. No matter how badly I want it to be true, and even if circumstances seem to coalesce in such a way as to confirm my suspicions, the world does not revolve around me. Sometimes I just drive to the Podunkville Police Station at 2 am and have a police car follow me. But it’s still not about me.

A decade later, I still forget this sometimes. I act as though I sit upon the throne of the world as its ruler. But never with such unbelievable results.

What’s your best story from when you thought it was all about you?Chris Morris Guest Post pic

Chris Morris is a CPA by day, but a creative at heart. He loves telling stories to inspire and encourage. He also loves a great cup of coffee, preferably French press. He writes at You can follow him on Twitter at You can find him on Facebook at