This week’s prompt is: Comfort.


Cinch tight the soft cotton blanket until all his flailing parts are swaddled and he feels pulled together again.file0002140147781 Comfort Embrace

Hum quiet tune while running fingertips over spine, shoulder blade, rib bones until breathing slows, deepens, and he drifts off to sleep.

Walk into a familiar room and hear greetings of old friends who have become family.

Heave sobs into pillow and feel warm hand, aching heart soothed with words of peace and hope.

Feel the wash of comfort making subside the fear and clenching of throat and stomach.

Comfort: peace, security, calm, confidence, understanding, connection.

Such a blessing to have, such a gift to offer.

Another form of love, both Divine and earthly.


Sortof free-write-y today, huh? Well, that’s what I came up with in five minutes. 🙂

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