Lisa-jo Baker organizes the Five Minute Friday activity. She gives a word prompt. You start your timer and write for five minutes. Then you post what you wrote and link it to her site. Boom. Done. It’s a great way to free yourself from constant internal editor mode and perfectionism, and it’s a great way to find new blogs and friends. This post is a part of that link up, which is open to anyone. Just check her site ( and you’ll find Five Minute Friday details.

Today’s prompt: SongHarp

I promise that if you watch and read this post you will only invest about five minutes of your day. See? I’m sticking with the five minute theme! But in order for this post to make much sense, you’ll probably have to two minutes to watch this video I made today:

This post is such a great example of everyday life.

There’s a cartoon going in the background.

One of my harp strings buzzes each time I play it.

The dog wanders in and makes himself comfortable on the couch.

Not all the notes are exactly right.

And yet, the music still comes. The notes are still there, moving forward, conveying emotion and peace.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, sometimes it is better for not being perfect. But that’s taken me a long time to learn, particularly in the world of music but also in other realms. Marriage, parenting, friendship, church life, interactions at school, womanhood – I do none of these things  perfectly, and yet they are still fulfilling, life-giving parts of my day, fully performed movements, like a song being written as it is played.

Being released from the pressure of perfection brings joy and freedom.

So even though this song is not my own composition (I don’t write music!) and even though it is not perfect, I offer it to you this morning, hiccups and meandering dog visits included. I hope you enjoy it.