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Louie was a goofy friend of mine in seventh grade. He always wore a white baseball cap, most time paired with a turtleneck and a hockey jersey (I never did figure out why the turtlenecks). He was tall and gangly, with a fountain of brown bangs and a very prominent (read: big) nose.

Not the first hottie you’d notice. White Hat

But he was so funny.

He was generous and helpful. Louie was kindhearted.

When you’d known him more than a day you realized how handsome he was, how unique and athletic, how his brown eyes were warm, his height and stature comforting. Suddenly Louie was quite a looker.

I’ve started to wonder how other people look at me, not so much physically but how they view my dreams, my aspirations and quirks, probably because lately I’ve run into so many roadblocks and rejections.

Do they play along with my goals, no one willing to tell me I’m being unrealistic?

Do they pat me on the head and humor me so they won’t hurt my feelings?

Do I look different from the outside than I do to myself?

Does it matter what the view is, except that it comes from the One who made me who I am? The One in whom I am most fully myself?

It shouldn’t make any difference if I achieve “success” on earth if I have been faithful with what was given to me in the circumstances I’ve been placed. Sometimes, though, when I’m being really honest, the view from outside does matter to me.

It’s like the difference between current trend of ombre hair color and just being overdue for a trip to the salon so you have really bad roots. Or to use another hair analogy, it’s the difference between having beachy texture and a frizzy windblown mess. What if while I’m walking around thinking I’ve got it down and lookin’ good, everyone else can see that my dream is really a snarly hairdo in need of a comb and a dye job?

What are your dreams right now? How do you keep hope in a dream when it takes a long time to arrive? Most importantly, how do you maintain your focus on the One who made you?

Attractive waves or crazy mess? It's a matter of opinion.

Attractive waves or crazy mess? It’s a matter of opinion.