Word prompt is “listen” so GET READY. GET SET. GO.


Wind chimes.

Breeze through the tops of pine trees.

The call of a cardinal. robin, warbler, finch.

These take time to hear. They are hard to hear if we’re focused on the louder noises around us – cars, radio, TV, yelling children.

At a park I sat with a group of adults who talked and talked while the kids played. Suddenly a bird song, clear and sweet, from the bushes behind us. Not one person stopped their conversation. Not one person even twitched to indicate they heard the joyful, wild song. They heard what they focused on – the conversation around them. This is a good thing, but how often do we miss the quieter sounds because we’re too busy making our own noise?

As a noisy person, someone who sings, hums, whistles and slams things (not even on purpose), it is a learned skill to turn down my volume for a few minutes and pay attention to the quieter things. I’m glad when I do. But how much do I miss because these are occasional moments rather than ones of habit?

I have to think this reflects the way God talks to us. When Elijah wanted to see God’s glory, God put him in the cleft of a mountain and passed by Elijah not in an earthquake, fire, or wind storm but in a gentle whisper. (I Kings 9:11-13).

A gentle whisper.

And if we’re not listening, we might miss it.



Do you have an easy or hard time with quiet, and why do you think that is?  Have you experienced times when you’ve heard God’s voice, and if so, would you please tell us about it? And as always, thank you so much for stopping by!

This is part of a fun link up with Lisa-Jo Baker (lisajobaker.com). Set the timer for five minutes and write on a given word prompt. Then add your link to the list and check out all the other people who have done the same thing. The different takes on the prompts are amazing, and it is a great place to find encouragement.