Today’s word prompt is “present” and at first I wondered which syllable was stressed. Either version of the word would make a good prompt. In the spirit of freedom that Five Minute Friday is all about, I’m not going to worry about which version Lisa-jo Baker meant (and I’ve found I can’t read other people’s posts until after I’ve finished mine) and see this quote from this week’s post as the indicator of which she intended: “Writing is like wrapping yourself in words and giving yourself away.”

Allow me to offer a quick explanation about Five Minute Friday. Lisa-jo Baker organizes it on her website ( and the goal is to write uninhibited for five minutes. Then you link your post and visit other blogs who participated. It has been a lot of fun and I’ve found some really cool people and blogs through it. Stay tuned to see the outcome of today’s attempt.


English: Necklace made from crochet lace, pear...
English: Necklace made from crochet lace, pearls, and sterling silver. Original design. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Set the timer.

Get ready, set,


I ran my hands over the black velvet box. It was wide and for a moment I had a flash of that Pretty Woman scene when the guy snaps her fingers with the mouth of the box. But this was nothing like that situation. My sweet husband was giving me this box for our anniversary. He bought it for me specifically, and it was not something that would have to be returned at the end of a week.

When I opened it, I thought he had made a mistake.

What lay inside was a delicate chocker necklace of gold and pearls, the gold gently cradled the pearls, as if they were suspended and balanced just right on a tiny stem of a flower.

“Doesn’t he know me at all? I would never pick this out for myself?”

I gravitate towards chunky, wooden jewelry. Some of it even looks like it was made in a preschool class because of the colors (and possible use of dry macaroni)

He bought me a necklace that revealed how he saw me.




Someone who could pull off wearing a fancy dress and heels just as easily as running shoes and a tank top.

While this necklace was never destined to become my “everyday” jewelry, it is a meaningful reminder of how the love of my life views me, what he thinks I deserve, and that he sees the date-night fancy dress version of me even while I’m rocking the ponytail and dirty feet.



What have you done when you received a gift you didn’t think was right for you? How do you express love to the people around you (giving gifts is just one way)?

For any Five Minute Friday visitors, did you go this direction with your post? Feel free to post a link in the comments because I’d love to visit your blog. Have a wonderful day!