Source: Instagram: writermama1999

Source: Instagram: writermama1999

My baby girl starts kindergarten this fall.

It’s crazy, loco, kookoo, , nuts-o, cray-cray.

She is totally ready and excited about it. She’s going to be in the new elementary building, which is a big deal around here.

She will have two big brothers to look out for her when she rides the bus…

or will she?

My husband and I have always told the kids we’re a team, that each person in our family is important, and that we need to look out for each other.

Will any of that come into play when they’re out on their own?

Will they create a bond, independent of us?

Will her big brothers include her, and not begrudgingly?

I want her to have a sense of belonging, of being a valued part of something important.

I want her to be comfortable in herself.

I know this is a big year for her, and I want her to have the security of belonging, but without compromising or changing herself to make it happen.

And it is even more important to me that she feels that she belongs in our family. We should be that safe place, that welcoming, warm, guard-down kind of place where she can be grumpy, scared, sad or goofy without fear of mocking or rejection.

Our home is supposed to be an accepting place for others — we’ve talked about how to be a good host.

My hope is that we’ve translated that into being accepting of our own family as well.


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???? What kind of atmosphere are you cultivating in your home? What made you feel like you belonged when you were a child? ????


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