It seems that I’ve gotten into a habit. For the past few Fridays I’ve linked up with Lisa-jo Baker who gives a word prompt on her website ( You write for five minutes and don’t worry it being perfect, then you link up to her site. It’s a lot of fun, and apparently I’m hooked!



At our house a lot of things get broken. Lego creations are notorious breakers. Certain pop-bead necklaces break with one little yank. We pretend our bokes break so we can bring them to the Fix-it Shop (usually me with a screw driver in hand) and get them fixed up. These are things I can handle, even if I’m not good at taking time to glue on tiny toy hands that have popped off in a particularly violent battle.

Broken Wolverine

I’m not sure how I’ll handle broken hearts.

I know they’ll come, but I don’t know how to watch my children suffer.

When I was around the age my oldest child is now, I had a hard year at school. I was shunned and I never found out why. There may not even have been a reason why.

What I knew what that those who had been my closest friends suddenly weren’t anymore.

More than that, they actively were un-friends.

They drew mean pictures of me.

They gave me a mean nickname.

They put their desks together in a group and left me as a deserted island.

I’m thankful that I had one friend who remained, even when all others turned away.

Maybe that’s what I can pray for my kids when they face their own heartbreak — that they’ll each have one person who they can turn to (not counting their dad and me). That one person can make it bearable.



Did you have a childhood friend who stuck by you? Have you gotten over your big childhood heartbreaks and if so, how?