Fishing in style

She’s just so small.

Her hands still have their toddler pudge.

She says “grateful” when she means “great” but I think the two belong together so I never correct her.

She is quick to share, first to offer encouragement, she’s her brothers’ biggest fan.

She tries to do cartwheels and only gets partially upside-down, as if she’s mostly flinging her legs sideways over a puddle, but when she stands afterwards, she glows with pride.

She comes out of her room wearing her pink stripped slippers and filmy robe with the elastic that’s too tight around her forearms where the sleeves land since she’s outgrowing it but can’t let it go.

Can’t let it go.

How can I let her go, even for those few hours ?

She’s my sidekick.

My shadow.

My sweetie.

She’s too small to be so big.

But she’s ready. I know this. I’ve seen her. But letting her go feels like feeding her to the bears,

bears of cliques,

bears of rejection,

bears of politics in friendships,

and there are far worse bears in those woods that I don’t dare speak aloud.

I don’t send her alone, and I know this. Jesus walks alongside her. She knows this too.

But when that bus pulls away from our house on her first day of school, you’d better believe I’ll peal out of our driveway in the minivan, close on her heels, waving to her like a fool.


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