The thing that I noticed about each speaker who was a part of the Global Leadership Summit was that they were individuals.

There was no cookie cutter form, which meant each of them had their own unique style of speaking.

There was no cookie cutter, so they came from different areas of the professional world.

There was no formula or prescription they used to present their material, which made each one different from the next, each one expressing themselves in their own way. Some were methodical, others looked like they were shooting from the hip. Some used audience participation, others used a lecture style.

The point was, each of them had wisdom and insight but it looked different from that of the others.

Wisdom, insight, passion, drive – these things look different when worn by different people.

Living life fully engaged looks different for different people.


English: Polaroid Impulse camera.

One highlight for me on the first day was hearing Bob Goff speak.

I’ve seen his book, Love Does, around my peripheral vision but have yet to read it.

After seeing him speak, you’d better believe I’m going out to get it. This lawyer is a passionate nutball but don’t let his exhuberant speaking style fool you – he means business and works in intense situations dealing with oppression and child abuse. You can find out more about him at his website (

During his portion of session on the first day of the conference, Bob Goff referenced Ephesians 4:1 and said, “The verse says live a life worth of the calling YOU have received. Not what she received, not what that guy received, what YOU’VE received.”

He also snapped a picture of the auditorium with an old-school Poloroid camera and said,

“If you want to figure out what you’re made to do, let it develop over time.”

He encouraged leaders to…

“See people for who they’re becoming.”

These were the kind of things that each of the speakers shared – wisdom that applies to all areas of life, not just leadership in business or church, but leadership in life. That is an overarching value of the conference: Lead Where You Are. It is a good reminder for all of us, regardless of life-station or employment position. Lead where you are.

In what ways could you take on more leadership without taking on a different job or role? What would change if you started seeing people for who they’re becoming?