Timer set for five minutes. Ready. Set. GO.

I lost my crockpot.

Don’t ask me how.

If I could retrace my steps and figure out how I lost it, I’d be able to find it.

And I can’t.

It’s not like a chapstick or a pencil. You don’t have another one laying around in the bottom of a drawer someplace. It’s definitely not a huge deal, but when you’ve started using one, you find it is a nice option to have.

So when I took my son to his friend’s house, I told the funny story of not being able to find it. “Who loses a crockpot?!” I joked.

The mom said, “Do you want one of mine?”


She told me she had an extra one she never uses, an inexpensive one she picked up somewhere along the way, one she didn’t need.

My pride department wanted to keep me from taking it. But my time management department told me I could really use it. And she was being generous, offering me a gift. She wouldn’t offer if she didn’t want to.

So I took the crockpot, almost accidentally broke it on the way out the door. and now my family can have shredded pork tacos again.  But the takeaway is that I almost missed out on the chance to be part of this new friend’s story of generosity. My pride almost kept me from allowing her to help me. And how often, especially as moms, do we choose to tough it out because we don’t want to admit we need help?


Red Crockpot


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