If you stop by this blog in the next couple weeks, it will probably look a bit different around here.

I’ve been working to make this blog let me boss it around more. Since I don’t know fancy code stuff, I’ve also been trying to find ways to do this without losing my mind. I’ve purchased a domain and right now some software is in the process of being installed (and with that, I’ve exhausted my computer language lexicon).

The address will probably be a bit different.

I’m considering a change to the title.

Don’t panic (I’m talking to myself here).

Overall, it should be pretty painless for you, dear reader. However, I have a couple requests.

Would you please consider subscribing via email?

I’m worried that if you haven’t subscribed with your email address, I will lose the pleasure of your company. If you have the blog delivered to your email, we won’t skip a beat. There’s a little button on the right hand side of this page, and it’s pretty straightforward to subscribe. I won’t flood your inbox — I usually only post twice a week (and lately it’s been less than that).

Have you had a chance to “like” my Facebook page for the blog?

There’s a spot to do it over there ———>

If you could take a second and click the like button, that would be great. I try to put up entertaining videos and other fun stuff from around the web. You can also find other cool people like you, and we can all hold hands and skip down the path of life together.

Thank you!

Thanks for reading and being a part of this collection of random thoughts, victories, failures, experiments and life in general. I hope you’ve found encouragement and a safe place to share. That’s what I’ve found through you!

Peace to you,

TC Larson