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I’m just about ready to move this blog over to a new site. That means I will no longer post here at Love, Laundry, Faith & Family. It should happen early next week (if everything goes according to plan…which it rarely does).

I’d love to have you come by the new space. You can find it at . I’m also on Facebook at , amongst other social networks.

If you are a fellow WordPress user and you’ve clicked “follow” you’re the one I’m most concerned about losing as I transition to the new site. Would you consider subscribing via email?

Here’s a little video farewell, and I look forward to seeing you over yonder at the new site.


Here’s a video blog for your entertainment. Hope it is encouraging to you today!

What changes are going on for you lately? Do you need to say no to a few things? Or is it time for you to say yes? 

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