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It is now officially August, so I thought you might be interested to see how things look now in my garden. Also, you may be interested to know about my rooting powder experiment. If growing things interests you, read on!

Here’s what the homemade climbing trellis looks like:

Even though it is covered in green, the white still shows too much.

The scarlet runner bean has put forth a couple flowers, no beans, and definitely fewer of everything than I was hoping. Upon a longer term inspection of my sunlight situation, I have learned that the morning light starts on the other side of the garden (thus the morning glories have been unhappy) and placing my contraption further to the left would have supplied more light, and then more flowers. That’s alright, I knew it wasn’t going to be a long-term spot. It’s a good thing I started a garden notebook, because I usually forget all the things I think I will remember to do differently the next year.

And now for the status of the cuttings I took this spring. Even though they have been neglected and left out in the rain (apparently I keep forgetting to pull them to a covered spot after trying to let them dry out from the last time I forgot to pull them to a covered spot!), two of the three cuttings are growing roots and one of them is even putting up two shoots already! Check it out!

Please note the sprout in the center. I'm so proud!

I thought it would be fall before I saw any progress, but I have been very restrained and haven’t peeked even once, so maybe leaving them alone was helpful? Wahoo!

And finally, I have an unidentified flower that has finally bloomed. Because I’m an optimist, I left it to grow even though it may be a weed. But it isn’t spreading or prickly, so if it does end up being a weed, it is a well-behaved weed! If you can tell me the name of the flower on the left, my garden will thank you.

This plant is about 12" tall right now.


I have a bee in my proverbial bonnet about a certain flower. Until today I couldn’t figure out what it was called exactly. I could only describe it, which usually brought blank stares or puzzled looks from the unsuspecting witness to my enthusiasm.

You must understand, Dear Reader, that I’ve only seen this flower in person once, and that was before my slow transition into the herky-jerky gardener I have now become, and so my observation of the plant in person was only fleeting.

But this summer I saw a photo of this flower in an old magazine from last year and immediately when I saw it, I knew that it belonged in my garden. It is too adorable — yes, adorable can truly be used in this circumstance — to be ignored. It is too unusual to dismiss. It is just way too much fun to let it pass into the hands of some wiser gardener. And therefore, I plan to purchase my first bulb online, which requires quite a bit of trust if you ask me…which I realize now you didn’t actually do…so…should I stop writing now?


No! Ha ha! I shall press on!

You have to order the bulbs now, during summer, and they don’t ship your order until fall. Does that sound fishy to anyone else? Let me get this straight: you want me to place an order with you now (on my computer, no less! It’s not like I can march down to Linders or Bachmann’s and talk to a manager if my order doesn’t get delivered), pay you now, and then just hang out and do my thing until you send my order to me four months from now? That’s nuts!

And yet, I am willing to suspend my suspicious suspicions and try to regain the trust that businesses will do what they say they’ll do, and that they will actually come through for the Little Guy. How cynical I’ve become over the years! How untrusting! It never would have dawned on me in my younger years to think that a company might not give me the best deal they could, might not think to mention the fine print, might not be trying to find a product that would satisfy both my needs and their own. Whew! To be that fresh again.

If all goes well, maybe that’s what this bulb purchase will do for me — restore my faith in corporate America. Because right about now, I’m thinking that come autumn, I might open my delivery and discover a box full of packing peanuts and discarded cracker jack prizes instead of my prized flowers. But only time will tell.

Check out this crazy flower. This is the one!




Lest you, Dear Reader, think that I forgot or have been neglectful of my garden responsibilities, I wanted to let you know of the developments. I did get the winter garden constructed, and it was all done just before the cold snap we experienced a couple weeks ago. The design is less than fancy, but it works and so far it has been successful. There is a low-watt lightbulb inside, and since the shower curtain was too small, I opted for heavy duty plastic sheets that I bought at a home improvement store. We planted some herbs and the previously thriving lettuce and spinich is doing fairly well. The basil didn’t make it through the first trial, so it must have needed more heat. I will try to keep you informed of any other revelations as they develop!

I must mention here that I have a fairly short attention span, and my garden has lost some of its shine for me these days. There have been enough family distractions that have diverted my energies, so the poor, sad garden has really been left to its own devices. Which makes it all the more impressive that there’s anything left alive! I would say that I resolve to do better, but I just can’t make that claim right now. So we’ll just see how things play out as nature takes its wintery course.

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